How to celebrate

There are many possible ways to celebrate International Cello Day, but here are a couple suggestions:

  • Read through some pieces for cello that you’ve never seen/tried before ( is a great resource).
  • Organise a meet-up between your friends who play cello and try some cello-only group music.
  • Hang out with other cellists you don’t usually see and discuss your different takes and thoughts on various pieces, styles, techniques, and more.
  • Buy a recording featuring a cellist you’ve never thoroughly listened to before.
  • Record a small video of yourself playing a piece you love and upload it to youtube.
  • If you’ve never played before, make this the day you try it for the first time – find someone who’ll let you play their cello and just try it for half an hour.
  • Offer a cello lesson to that friend who has always said he wanted to learn but never has the time/patience to try.

If you have any suggestions for our list, please message them to us using our contact form.


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